Lowell HVAC Company

Lowell HVAC Company

Lowell HVAC Company

Lowell HVAC Company

A building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning – or HVAC system – often determines how comfortable you are inside by helping to regulate the temperature. We all know how unpleasant a hot or cold home can be — especially during the intense temperature spikes inherent to our area. Having a reliable unit — whether you are using heat in the winter or air conditioning during the summer — will keep you insulated from the craziness going on outdoors. That way, you’ll stay comfortable and safe, no matter what weather is hitting the region. KNZ Heating & Cooling is the Lowell HVAC company you can trust to keep your home or business comfortable all year long. Give us a call today!

What HVAC Services Can You Find at KNZ Heating & Cooling?

Keeping your home at the perfect temperature can be a lot of work! To better accomplish this, we have experienced professionals who are ready to help with all of the following services:

  • Furnace Services: Whether you need a new furnace installed in time for the colder seasons or you are hoping to get your reliable unit fixed, we’re happy to help! Making sure your home remains heated ensures your safety — and that of those living with you — and prevents you from needing costly home repairs in the future.
  • Air Conditioning Services: Hot or cold, we’ll help your home stay comfortable no matter what the weather is doing. Air conditioning is your best option for staying cool, integrating with your thermostat to keep your home at the perfect temperature. Like our furnace services, we can help you get a broken-down unit repaired or install a new system entirely.
  • Boiler Services: Though boilers function similarly to furnaces, they use hot water rather than air. This makes the repair and installation of these systems significantly different; luckily, our Lowell HVAC company is up for the job: we’ve helped many people service their boiler systems.
  • Hot Water Heater Services: Our technicians are trained to handle many water heater issues, and we have helped many clients repair and install water heaters.

Our Story

KNZ Heating & Cooling is proud to be a family-owned and operated company, serving clients throughout Lake County, Indiana, since 2001. We are committed to maintaining excellent quality standards and providing quick, clean HVAC services that help our customers save time and money on future repairs. Even though our HVAC company has grown and changed over the years, our dedication to high-quality, affordable, and trusted service remains a pillar of KNZ Heating & Cooling. Many of our current customers have worked with us for many years, which is the end goal of our service: establishing long-term relationships based on our trusted service and products. To learn a little more about our story — and to take your first step towards a comfortable home — give us a call today!

Contact KNZ Heating & Cooling

You can reach our Lowell HVAC company through a couple of different methods. The easiest? Pick up your phone and give us a call! You can also leave your contact info and a brief message describing your HVAC situation using the contact form on our website: we’ll be in touch when you’re available. We can’t wait to hear from you!




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